Pet Information


Any person owning or harboring a dog or cat is required to license the pet, pursuant to Section 8-75 of the Rochester City Code. You may apply by mail using the Pet License Application or in person at City Hall.


To obtain a license you must:
  • Show a current rabies vaccination certificate from a veterinarian licensed in the State of Michigan
  • Pay the license fee
Pets must be licensed by March 1 of each year. After March 1, an additional $12 late fee is charged. The late fee does not apply to new residents or new pets if the license is obtained within 30 days of moving or acquiring the pet.


  • $3 for a spayed or neutered animal
  • $15 for intact animals

Sidewalks and Pet Clean-Up

The City Code requires that pet droppings on public property and rights-of-way must be removed by the pet owner. Properties include sidewalks, parks, and trailways. Removing pet droppings is a matter of public health and good citizenship.

Lost Pets

If you have lost your pet please contact the Rochester Police Department at 248-651-9621 or these organizations.