Garbage / Recycling

Garbage / Trash Removal
Normal household trash removal is completed by Rizzo Services LLC. They are responsible for yard waste during the months of April through November.

Items must be at the curb by 7 a.m. on the day of pickup. If you are not sure of your trash pick-up day, please call City Hall at (248) 651-9061.

Holiday Pick-Up
For information regarding the Holiday Pick-Up schedule, please contact Rizzo at 888-877-4996.
Recycling is mandatory in the City of Rochester.  Items are to be placed in the recycling containers provided by the City. If you need a recycling container, or if you have any questions about recycling materials, please contact Rizzo at 888-877-4996.

If you would like to purchase a large 65 gallon trash bin or get a free 35 or 65 gallon larger recycling bin, please contact Rizzo at 888-877-4996 and arrange for delivery directly to your property.