Emergency Dispatch / 911 Call Center


The Rochester Police Department has an emergency 911 system that is designed to link callers to our Dispatch Center. Our dispatchers have been trained to handle police, fire, and medical emergencies.

Calling 911

The Police Department's 911 system has an automatic location identification system. This allows the dispatchers receiving 911 calls from any phone, except from a cell phone (see below), to identify the address and the telephone number of callers. If a caller is unable to speak, police will be dispatched to that caller's location.

When using a cell phone to call 911, the caller's location and phone number may not be available to the dispatcher. The dispatcher will have to interview the caller in order to send the appropriate emergency personnel and equipment.

When using a pay phone, money is not needed to call 911.

When Not to Call 911

Examples of situations when 911 should not be called include:
  • An auto accident where there are no injuries
  • An alleged crime where the offender cannot be located
  • A request for general information
  • Medical situations that do not require an ambulance