Take the Walking Tour

The self-guided Mount Avon Cemetery Tour takes you through the historical Mount Avon Cemetery. Below is a list of early pioneers of the Rochester Area memorialized at Mount Avon Cemetery. On the left side of the page you will find links to a brief description of each figure.

A Mount Avon Cemetery Walking Tour Brochure is available for free at City Hall or at the following link:

Walking Tour Points of Interest

  • Statue of Union Soldier, "Billy Yank"
  • George E. Flumerfelt
  • Calvin H. Greene
  • The Reverend William H. Collycott
  • Captain William Price
  • Almon Mack
  • Sarah H. Harris
  • Elsie Shoemaker Horton (unmarked grave)
  • Nathaniel Baldwin
  • Dr. Cyrus Chipman
  • Colonel John Frank
  • Uriah (Uri) Adams
  • Alexander Graham
  • Seneca Newberry

  • Jonathan Pixley
  • Hosea B. Richardson
  • Joanna Linsalata
  • Homer Wing
  • Arthur E. Collins
  • Lysander Woodward
  • George W. Vanderventer
  • William P. Everett
  • Receiving Vault
  • John J. Snook
  • Frank Russell
  • White Pine Tree - Michigan Sesquicentennial
  • Zachariah C. Boeberitz