Streets and Sidewalks

Street Maintenance

The Department of Public Works' maintenance activities related to the city’s street system includes snow removal, sweeping, paving, and sign installation and repairs. Paving repairs (road cuts, water breaks, etc.) are accomplished during the summer months. Sweeping is carried out from March through December, weather permitting.

Snow removal activities are dependent on the time of day, weather forecasts in terms of the temperature and inches of snow, and traffic volumes. The major thoroughfare and school bus routes are always plowed on a priority basis. Local streets are not plowed until after the priority routes. Additionally, this approach maximizes manpower and vehicle availability. Historically, in even the biggest storms, the Department of Public Works has been able to plow all of the local roads within 24 hours.

Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal

The City Code requires the owner / occupant to clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjoining any side of their property. An accumulation of three or more inches of snow must be cleared within 24 hours. A prudent effort must be made by the owner to control ice accumulation by complete removal or by applying sufficient amounts of de-icing material or sand. If you hire a private contractor for snow removal services, please remind them not to plow snow into the public roadway. This is not only disruptive to local traffic and snow removal operations, but it is against state law.

Failure to clear snow and ice in accordance with the City Code may result in the issuance of a civil infraction, and a fine of up to $500 against the property owner, without notice from the city. Additionally, the city manager may have the snow and/or ice cleared at the owner’s expense; again, without notice.

Property owners who are on vacation during the winter months must make sure to arrange for the timely removal of snow and ice (on sidewalks adjoining their property) in their absence.