Water Service Lines

What are service lines? 

The underground pipes that deliver water from the water main to the home. Each service line or connection may consist of multiple plumbing materials, including lead, copper, galvanized iron and plastic. Galvanized service lines are iron pipes that have been dipped in a protective zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust. These were commonly installed in homes built prior to 1970 and was an alternative to lead pipe for water supply service lines. 

Rigorous investigation shows that there are ZERO lead lines in Rochester. 

Replacement Program

The City of Rochester is in the process of replacing the limited number of galvanized service lines in the City. Thorough investigation of available records along with field investigations has confirmed that the City has very few galvanized service lines. If you are one of the homes or businesses that our records show have any part of your services as galvanized the City will cover 100% of the cost with full replacement of all galvanized materials. This will include complete restoration of impacted areas. 

The City is committed to replacing all galvanized lines within one-year. The City is bidding the work in early September 2020 and expect all construction to be completed by Fall 2021. Individual replacement schedules will be decided with contractor selection.

More Information 

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