South Street

The City will continue to update this page with information that pertains to the 2021 South Street Project. However, if any resident has an issue that you feel needs to or hasn't been addressed, please email and administration will assist you with your concern(s) and/or issue(s).

Weekly updates will be posted to this web page. (See below.) Residents that have provided the City with their email address(s) will be automatically receive weekly updates via email. Besides web posts and email notifications, if the contractor, inspector, or City anticipates construction that will impact a residents driveway, a bright tag will be placed either on your door or at your mailbox, advising of the date of the expected impact. Finally, major informational items will be shared via the multiple modes of communication.

WEEKLY NOTIFICATIONS: (Newest Items @ the top.)

8/2/21:  The paving contractor is on South Street this morning starting the final top layer of paving. Updates will continue to be posted as they become available. 

7/16/21: Progress Made This Week:

Bidigare has completed all concrete and asphalt drive restoration on South St. All sidewalk restoration has been completed. The remaining GV&Ws have been abandoned and hydrants have been removed. Bidigare has also removed their spoils piles from the DPW dumping yard.

 Next Week Look Ahead:

Bidigare will continue restoration with placing top soil and repairing irrigation lines where active. They will be prepping for sod and seed blankets where no irrigation is active. 

7/9/21: The watermain is complete and the contractor is reinstalling driveways and curbs that were impacted with the project. 

Progress Made This Week: 

Bidigare continued concrete restoration and completed forming and pouring of 12 sections of sidewalk and drive approaches on South Street. They also started HMA approach restoration on South Street, with most of the HMA approaches being formed. Bidigare also began restoration efforts in the greenbelt. 
1 existing gate well was abandoned and 1 existing fire hydrant was removed. Bidigare raised 1 curb stop and lowered 2 more curb stops to get them to correct elevation . 

Next Week Look Ahead:

Bidigare plans to complete concrete restoration on the 2 remaining approaches (1 has already been formed). They also plan to form the remaining HMA approaches and complete HMA approach restoration. Bidigare plans to abandon the 4 remaining gate wells and 2 remaining d-boxes. They also plan to continue top soil and sod placement weather permitting. 

7/2/21: Bidigare began concrete restoration of sidewalk and approaches on South Street. They have made it approximately half way on South Street working their way East from the bridge deck.

Bidigare plans to continue with the concrete restoration on South Street. They also plan to start asphalt restoration for the approaches leaving restoration in the roadway with just stone due to the paving project that was recently approved. The remaining removals of the last hydrants and Gate Wells are also planned to continue next week, along with starting top soil and sod placement weather permitting.

6/30/21: Bidigare completed all water main and water service work on Friday 6/25. For the next few weeks, their restoration crew will be working on South Street. 

This week – Removing old hydrants. Prepping sidewalks, curbs and approaches for concrete work and pouring new concrete.

Next week – Continuing concrete work and starting asphalt work. Finally – they will sod all grass locations and water using their tanker truck until the sod is established.

This work is expected to take 2-3 weeks, but may take longer depending on weather.

6/25/21: Bidigare has finished transferring water services to the new main and has made the final connections. All new watermain and services are in and connected. The old watermain has been capped and abandoned and old curb stops have been removed.

Next Week Look Ahead:

Bidigare will be removing the old Hydrants and abandoning the old gate wells by removing the top of the structures and backfilling with stone. Restoration will begin on South Street once removals are completed. Asphalt replacement in the road has been put on hold pending a decision on possible further road repairs/repaving.

 6/18/21: Bidigare has completed all of the required short water services and three (3) of the long service leads. They are currently working on tying in the 8” connections to the new watermain and are aiming to complete these tomorrow.

Next Week Look Ahead:

Bidigare will continue installation of long water service leads next week and also complete the connection to the existing watermain on the west end of the project. They will also begin abandonment of the existing gate wells and existing fire hydrants.

6/11/21: Bidigare finished the 12” watermain installation last week. This week they’ve been installing all the hydrants, remaining gate wells, and 8” water main stubs to connect to all the watermain loops on South Street. If all goes well, they plan to fill the 12” water main today & tonight. Pressure test will be completed tomorrow, and Bac-T samples will be pulled either Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday depending on chlorine levels. As of now, the contractor does not plan to work this weekend.

If all tests pass, we will put the new 12” main into operation Monday morning. Bidigare will start service transfers on Monday and continue those throughout the week. The tricky part is the 8 water main tie-ins they need to complete. Both the new 12” and the old 4” watermains need to be off to make those tie-ins. As of now, the plan is to have 2 crews from Bidigare work next Saturday and Sunday. Water will be off to portions of South Street for up to 12 hours while both crews work on the water main tie-ins and since most businesses are closed during the weekend, the water disruption will be minimal. 

 6/4/21: Bidigare has finished installing the main line 12” HDPE down South Street including the Gate Valves & Wells. The sewer issue at 213 was videoed, it did not appear the issue was related to the water main project. The obstruction appeared to be some sort of greasy rag approximately 30’ past the repair Bidigare had done previously. The property owner had a plumber out today to snake the line from the manhole.

Next Week Look Ahead:

Bidigare will have 2 crews working on installing Hydrants, cutting in Tees, and installing pipe for the 8” connections along the route. If all goes according to plan, pressure testing should be conducted towards the end of the week.

5/27/21: Bidigare has installed all the proposed water main with the exception of 200 feet of mainline water main and the pipe at one road crossing. 

Next week look ahead:

On South Street, Bidigare will complete the installation of water main pipe next week, then begin installing gate valve & well structures. They mentioned bringing in two crews later in the week to expedite the work.

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, there will be no construction work taking place on Friday May 28th - Monday May 31st. Work will resume on Tuesday, June 1st.

Wishing a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend to all!

5/21/21: Bidigare started boring out with their larger rented drill rig on Monday morning and found 8 unmarked conduits by 251 Diversion. They had to move their drill rig to avoid hitting the unmarked conduits resulting in the removal of a tree and some sidewalk at 251 Diversion. By Tuesday, Bidigare had pulled 800’ of 12” HDPE. On Wednesday and Thursday, Bidigare ran into wet cobble stone and hard clay drilling for approximately 800 feet causing the drilling process to take longer than expected. While pulling 12” HDPE today, Bidigare hit a water service for 233 South Street. They believe the wet cobble stone was causing the reamer head to rise up, on the bore out there was approximately 2’ of clearance at that service. Bidigare then potholed the other water service and sewer lead crossings for 265 South Street, a vacant house, and the same situation had occurred. Their plan now is to finish pulling pipe for today and then repair the water service and sewer lead for 265 South Street and the water service for 233 South Street. The Contractor plans to work Saturday and has received permission from the City for 8am-5pm work.

Next week look ahead:

Looking ahead to next week, Bidigare plans to start restoration on Livernois on Monday starting with the rear yards along Canyon Creek. They also plan to pull the remaining 1200’ of 12” HDPE main line on South Street and then start installing the main line Gate Valves & Wells.

5/14/21: DLZ has worked with the Contractor over the last few weeks to determine the actual location of the existing watermain as the record drawings were not accurate in several areas. DLZ met with the Contractor on 5/7/21 to go over options for a new watermain alignment. It was determined at the 5/7/21 meeting that the plan would require several complete road closures to accomplish. The Contractor was directed that work could not proceed until the City approved the changes and a communication plan with the local businesses and residents was in place. A meeting was set for Monday 5-10 at 3 pm to discuss the plan to proceed. At the Monday meeting, the Contractor proposed a new alignment that will eliminate all of the complete road closures with one possible exception. The group walked the new alignment on South Street to make sure everyone was in agreement. The contractor was provided direction to proceed ahead with the new alignment as discussed. For the balance of the week, Bidigare worked on potholing utilities to locate them along the revised alignment. They also had a larger direction drill rig delivered the site today that will allow them to drill and pull longer pipe runs than the previous equipment allowed.

Next week look ahead:

Bidigare plans on starting to drill out on Monday from Sta: 18+00 to 10+00. This is a new machine for the crew so their foreman Jeremy said he didn’t want to over estimate their production, but said they going to try and pull 1,600’ of 12” HDPE next week. Once they get started, they will have a better idea of how much pipe they can pull each day.

5/7/21: No pipe was installed this week; There was a site meeting Monday to review some of the Contractors findings and concerns regarding the proposed watermain alignment and proximity to the existing watermain. The Contractor continued exploratory excavations through the week to identify conflicts as well as the location of the existing watermain. There were several areas that the existing main location did not match the record drawings that were used during plan preparation which impacts the design. DLZ worked with the Contractor through the week to come up with a workable plan to safely install the new watermain. DLZ met with the Contractor this afternoon to review a new proposed alignment and discussed any closures that would be necessary.  

4/23/21: The contractor will start potholing and using CCTV to locate and identify all underground utilities on Monday. They will have their vactor truck and possibly a mini excavator on site, which may shift traffic, but they will have a flag crew out if needed. The contractor is unable to begin water main boring until all utilities are found. They are hoping to start their water main boring late next week, but Monday 5/3 is more likely. That is when the partial road closure would start.

4/15/21: Water main replacement project from 101 South Street to 440 South Street that includes 2,800+ feet of new 12” water main replacing the existing, undersized 4” – 8” water main. This project will improve water service in the project area, water system reliability for nearby property owners, as well as increase the fire prevention capabilities of the Fire Department. Additional project improvements will include new water services for property owners within the project limits and minor roadway surface improvements.

An informational meeting will take place on Thursday, April 15th at 6pm via Zoom. To participate in the meeting, please click here.